fossil on Trim-Slice (Ubuntu 10.10)

Building fossil on the stock Ubuntu (10.10) installation on the Trim-Slice is a snap.

Grab fossil and untar the src
tar xzf fossil-src-20110528185122.tar.gz

You might need to install libraries for openssl
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

Then get to compiling the source
cd fossil-src-20110528185122

PuTTY r9170 snapshot

I've compiled PuTTY r9170 from subversion... I haven't played with it much, but if you feel daring, you can nab it from here

Posted the beginning of Fates Game

I have posted the beginning of "Fates Game - The Halls in Sanity" in the Book section.

Story segment from Fates Game

Here's a segment I'm planning to use somewhere in my story... I've always wanted to do something with a dream sequence in a story. I plan to use them to further the story in a few places.


The Monkey Cant .com begins

I finally got around to actually setting up drupal... ... and all I had to do was click an install link ^_^

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